Having been making guns since 1893, Miroku not only benefits from a great gun-making experience, but also from the japanese tradition of precision work with steel and wood; because of this heritage, the miroku guns are technically perfect and pleasing to the eye. Before leaving the factory, all miroku shotguns sold in europe have to pass a stringent accuracy and reliability test involving the use of an electronic pattern plate, as well as the CIP (International Gunpowder Committee) tests which are renown for their rigorous standards.


  • MK38

    The Miroku MK38 is considered to be one of the best trap guns available on the market. The comparatively recently introduced MK38 sport has been making inroads into the sporting scene. Its back-borded barrel noticeably reduces felt recoil, whilst guaranteeing exceptional and consistent patterning.
  • MK70

    Equipped with interchangeable Invector chokes which enable it to adapt to a wide range of clay pigeon targets, the MK70 Sporter has been specifically designed for those shooters wanting the versatility of an Invector multi-choked gun. It possesses an essentially classic elegance, and comes in a range of barrel lengths and finishes.
  • MK60

    The light hunting shotgun (almost 3kgs) is equiped with a unique selective trigger, this gun has a semi-pistol grip and tulip-shaped hand guard. It is light to carry, well balanced and easy to handle. With the mk60 "game and target", Miroku offers game and clayshooters alike a shotgun that is a true multi-purpose gun. It is equally at home shooting clays as out in the field. It is available in 12 or 20ga magnum in a variety of barrel lengths.

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